SALT HILL 21, Summer 2008



Chris Tonelli



The last ideal site of consciousness, Gravitron contains the bravest tree. Wishing to survive and at the same time to disappear, it imposes another kind of will. He senses its guilt—the tree can’t bear to fail the world by being in it. The riders walk off silently, like seeds without a wind. Apples, Gravitron wants to say, I am an ambulance. Partake.





Chris Tonelli lives in the Boston area where he runs The So and So Series. He has work forthcoming in Cannibal, Drunken Boat, and Good Foot, and poems of his will be included in the 2008 Anthology of Younger Poets. His second chapbook, a collaboration with Sarah Bartlett called A Mule-Shaped Cloud, will be available from horse less press in January.