Dead Lake Chapbook Contest

2017 Dead Lake Chapbook Contest

We are very excited to announce that Claire Cronin is the winner of the 2017 Dead Lake Chapbook contest for her absolutely flooring collection "A Spirit Is a Mood Without a Body." 

Guest judge Ari Banias has this to say about the book: "The sharp, mysterious poems in A Spirit Is A Mood Without a Body snuck up on me with their deftness. From within an unspecified North American suburbia haunted by stone lions, icy chandeliers, grand yachts, portraits of shipwreck, and above all, the cruelty of rose-gold silence – they quietly eviscerate privilege. Claire Cronin cuts into the soft, deadly stasis of comfort, where “sometimes a real life slips out between scenes / and looks just like a dead lord in a painting.” These poems refuse to “save you / from your money,” but they will “go up to the windows / like a diplomat / and listen to the roses read their pacts.”

Buy "A Spirit is a Mood Without a Body" here:

- 20-30 pgs of poetry / pdf or doc / 12pt font
- Include a title page, a table of contents, and an acknowledgements page (if any of the poems have been previously published).
- Your name and contact info should NOT appear anywhere on the manuscript.
- Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please withdraw your submission immediately if it's accepted elsewhere. Reading fees ($10 paid through Submittable) will not be returned for withdrawn manuscripts.

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Previous Winners (Order here)

A Spirit Is a Mood Without a Body by Claire Cronin
selected by Ari Banias

life of by Alison Thumel
selected by Emily Kendal Frey 

Not If But When by J.L. Conrad
selected by Sarah C. Harwell

i'll love you forever and other temporary valentines by Ruth Baumann
selected by Corey Zeller

The Future of Love by John Gallaher (winner)
I Wrote This Poem by Cindy St. John (runner-up)
selected by Christopher Kennedy