Salt Hill 40

Really, when we call this the sad issue, we mean that it is sad: it is wrought with destructions and mistakes and regrets. A parade of private apocalypses. You can't help but ask, "Do you get scared often?" like Tim Raymond does—to your parents, to your children, to yourself, with nothing but the litany of memory to record it. "There's a place where I can see myself as I once was..." says Michael Dhyne, "in a room full of children with no mothers or fathers, dancing."

Let's look at the pieces here: Phoebe Reeves sees your body, like those of the witches in the Malleus Maleficarum, in flames; Hanna Shea wonders if you are indifferent to the manifest world; Michelle Reed knows that you, like Buffy, have demons. All of Savannah Wingo's small towns are strip malls and fast food, because in this world, everything needs a sponsor (Matthew Baker says so). Something here is still raw because it happened forty years ago, which was only yesterday. This issue is full of stitches on fresh cuts.

Just as it doesn't seem safe, there is a promise of life. Underneath the figments of dreams and unopened moving boxes are tools to keep it together just a little longer, like Chase Burke's fibrous lifeboats, Mitchell Jacobs's glitter, and Joshua Johnston's Forever Napkins™. Maybe between each loss there is a keyblade, or a flaming tree, or just basic, plain hope that grows into something better, if it can survive the darkness. Proceed with caution.

Jakob Maier and Jono Naito



Randy Blythe, Kristin Bock, Ronda Broatch, Michael Dhyne, Matthew Gellman, Khaleel Gheba, Rebecca Gould, Molly Gutman, Julia Heney, Moira J., Mitchell Jacobs, Marlin M. Jenkins, Joshua Johnston, Amy Klein, Monica McClure, Alleliah Nuguid, Sara Lupita Olivares, Alison Palmer, Jennifer Perrine, Michelle Reed, Phoebe Reeves, Liz Robbins, Hanna Shea, Matthew Steele, R L Swihart, Kayvan Tahmasebian, Rodrigo Toscano, Jeff Whitney, Margaret Zhang, Amie Zimmerman


Matthew Baker, Chase Burke, Tim Raymond


Ashley Campbell, Theo Greenblatt, Laura June Topolsky, Savannah Wingo


Brian Kanagaki, Miles Tickler

Editors: Jakob Maier and Jono Naito