Salt Hill 18


Ever wonder what writers like Robert O’Connor, Alix Ohlin, Danielle Pafunda, Amy Hassinger, Matthew Vollmer, and other greats were up to just a few short years ago? Travel back in time via this slick issue filled with voices you’ll recognize and work you’ll be glad you discovered.



Seth Abramson, Lucy Anderton, Priscilla Atkins, Josh Baugher, Julian Parke Billups, Michelle Bitting, Ariane Bolduc, Lori Davis, Mike Dockins, Susan Elbe, Diana Fox, Meghan Hickey, Brandi Homan, Nicolas Hundley, Rebecca Kennedy, Wythe Marschall, Eugenio Montejo, Mace Mura, Kirk Nesset, Danielle Pafunda, John Ronan, Anis Shivani, Martin Walls, Charles Harper Webb, Tiphanie Yanique, Kristin Camitta Zimet


Amy Hassinger, Armand ML Inezian, Victoria Ludwin, Alix Ohlin, Matthew Vollmer


An interview with Robert O’Connor; essay by Daniel Torday.


Editor: John Staples