Salt Hill 19


This bold issue from Winter ’07 features an eclectic mix of writers (and is sure to warm you up, no matter the time of year). Includes poetry by Victoria Chang, Jeffrey McDaniels, and David Hernandez; short stories by the likes of Kenneth Calhoun and Jenny Pritchett; and Patricia Vigderman’s essay about dentists, art, and Chekhov.



Mary Biddinger, Victoria Chang, Basil Cleveland, Jen Currin, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Sean Enright, David Hernandez, L.S. Klatt, Amit Majmudar, Jeffrey McDaniel, John McKernan, Sally Molini, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Joanna Osborne, Supritha Rajan, Andrew Michael Roberts, Damian Rogers, Chris Souza, Julia Story, Nicholas Strickland, Mark Taksa, Chrys Tobey, Ben Turner, Thom Ward, Nancy White, Brandy Whitlock


Kenneth Calhoun, Constantine Evans, Susanne Grabowski, Amanda Hong, Charles MacPherson, Jenny Pritchett


Patricia Vigderman

Editors: Daniel Torday, Tara Warman