Salt Hill 20 


One of our best issues?  It may just be.  Best American Short Stories 2009 (edited by Alice Sebold) gave a special mention to Ben Percy's story "The Killing"; Best American Essays 2009 (edited by Mary Oliver) gave a "Special Topics" shout-out to the stellar Prose Poetry section; Best American Poetry 2009 included in its collection Charles Harper Webb’s poem “Her Last Conflagration.”  So much good stuff.  One single issue.



Paul Avilés, Erinn Batykefer, Christopher Buckley, Peter Conners, Justin Courter, John Craun, Elizabeth Gramm, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Janine Joseph, Ariana Kelly, David Keplinger, Raina J. Leon, Peter Markus, Philip Memmer, Stephen Miller, Elisabeth Murawski, Meva Ayse Onyurt, Chad Prevost, Kevin Simmonds, Lauren Goodwin Slaughter, Cody Todd, Charles Harper Webb, Gary Young


Mac Barrett, Barrett Bowlin, William Giraldi, Jennifer Pashley, Benjamin Percy, Daniel Wallace


Interview with Mary Caponegro

Editors: Daniel Torday, Tara Warman