Salt Hill 26 


Our 26th issue is made with equal parts humor and depth to sustain you through the winter. Black and white artwork ranges from whimsical to irreverent to haunting, with drawings from Dmitry Borshch, Lydia Conklin, Rachel Mack, and Eric Shaw. Gary Lutz opens up about intimacy and grammar in an interview with Anthony Antoniadis. You’ll also find mini-interviews with our contributors scattered throughout the issue, novel excerpts from Christine Schutt and Mary Caponegro, and poetry from Lucia Perillo, Matthew Lippman, and the late Tim Dlugos. SH 26 is the ultimate cold weather survival guide. Live a little, and order your copy today.



Jennifer Chang, Eduardo C. Corral, Tasha Cotter, Weston Cutter, Tim Dlugos, Gary Dop, Aaron Fagan, Rick Hilles, Eva Hooker, Anna Journey, Matthew Lippman, Matt Mauch, Abbey E. Murray, Lucia Perillo, Courtney Queeney, David Roderick, Gail Segal, Julia Story, Bridget Talone, Fritz Ward


Mary Caponegro, Jeff Friedman, Nathan Hogan, Amy Marcott, Kyle Mellen, Christine Schutt


Interview of Gary Lutz by Tony Antoniadis, Paul Cody


Dmitry Borshch, Lydia Conklin, Rachel Mack, Eric Shaw

Editors: Carroll Beauvais, Alice Holbrook