Salt Hill 27 


Our 27th issue is a journey through an eclectic terrain of landscapes, from the familiar to the surreal. Color work from German artist Kim Asendorf merges the natural with the synthetic through digital process in his Mountain Tour and Sorted Aerial series. Raúl Zurita, one of Latin America's most celebrated poets, writes of rivers and cliffs, longing and celebration, with a voice that is at once intimate and expansive. Sam Lipsyte talks with Anthony Antoniadis about dolphins and the turkey wrap. You’ll also find mini-interviews with some of our contributors, short stories from Brian Evenson and Angela Woodward, excerpts from Dawn Raffel's forthcoming memoir, and poetry from Carl Philips, Victoria Chang, Amy King, and Simeon Berry, among others. SH 27 is the necessary jolt of summer you've been waiting for all winter.



Arlene Ang, Simeon Berry, Sean Bishop, Victoria Chang, Conchitina Cruz, Anna Deeny, Elisa Gabbert, Miriam Bird Greenberg, Carrie Hohmann, Amy King, Lily Ladewig, Erika Meitner, Sarah Messer Carl Phillips, Kathleen Rooney, Christopher Salerno, Michael Shea, Eric Weinstein, Raúl Zurita


Ryan Cannon, Patrick Dacey, Brian Evenson, Sharon White, Angela Woodward


Interview of Sam Lipsyte by Anthony Antoniadis, Dawn Raffel, Ryan Ridge


Kim Asendorf

Editors: Carroll Beauvais, Alice Holbrook