Salt Hill 31

Salt Hill 31 has a man with newspaper headlines in his blood, a teacher telling her students all the things she shouldn’t, and a decades-long Monopoly game. Jesse Ball, Shane Jones, and Diane Cook are just a few who tell us stories, and Jennifer Luebbers, Alex Lemon, Glenn Shaheen, Paige Taggart, and Mathias Svalina are just a few among those who bring us poems. We’ve also managed to procure the hand-written/drawn grocery lists of Joshua Ware, Mary Ruefle, Patrick Lawler, Emma Torzs, and others. Art from Adrian Chin, Hollie Chastain, Alexandra MacKenzie, and Brendan Monroe will take you into even newer dimensions of space and self. Issue 31 is where you want to be this summer. It’s the best vacation ever.



Tara Boswell, Daniel Carter, Doug Paul Case, Brittany Cavallaro, Ben Clark, Adam Day, Rebecca Farivar, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, Michael Homolka, Alex Lemon, J.S.A. Lowe, Jennifer Luebbers, Matthew Mahaney, Gary L. McDowell, Rosalie Moffett, Meghan Privitello, Jacques J. Rancourt, Mary Ruefle, Glen Shaheen, Mathias Svalina, Paige Taggart, Noel Thistle Tague, Joshua Ware, Sasha West, Jeff Whitney, Colin Winnette


Diane Cook, Erin Fitzgerald, Shane Jones, Nathan Alling Long, Barrett Edward Swanson, Emma Törzs, Douglas Watson 


Hollie Chastain, Adrian Chin, Alexandra MacKenzie, Brendan Monroe 


Jesse Ball, Patrick Lawler, Laura Musselman

Editors: Annie Liontas and David Wojciechowski