Salt Hill 35 


Here is an issue in a blue fog in a blue pill. Here is an issue with castles made of star and cloud and the crow boys who made them up. In this issue, scars form the shapes of question marks. The windows are iced honeycombs. Ringo Starr makes an appearance. So open your poprocks eyes, butterface, and settle in to pay attention. Because if you look, you will catch sight of the creature John Yoo washing up on the beach. You’ll find mounting evidence around Dora del Carmen’s mysterious “pregnancy.” You’ll ring in the New Year with strangers. You’ll eat the biggest pig.

Emma DeMilta & Jessica Poli



Andrew Brenza, Tyler Brewington, Cathy Linh Che, MRB Chelko, Jon Davis, Barbara Duffey, Russell Evatt, Freya Gibbon, Sara Eliza Johnson, Kien Lam, Sarah León, Tony Mancus, Sally Wen Mao, Lia Mastropolo, Kevin McLellan, Eric Morris, Timothy O'Keefe, Alix Anne Shaw, Michael Martin Shea, Rich Smith, Dennis James Sweeney


R. E. Bowse, Kathleen Founds, Micah Dean Hicks, Lily Hoang, Mike Meginnis


Arielle Greenberg, Daisy Hernández, Kat Moore


Marco Fusinato, Frank Magnotta 

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Editors: Emma DeMilta and Jessica Poli