Salt Hill 37

Writing about the writing in these pages can sometimes feel a little pointless, a bit "like Kanye rapping about Kanye rapping about Kanye" as Caylin Capra-Thomas puts it. We tell you what you will read so you will read it, and try our best not to get in the way of the much more interesting writing which follows.

So, here’s what you’ll read: an occult dream of snakes, Emily O'Neil’s "self-portrait, with untruth," Christopher DeWeese's speaker "doing shots/and crying on the beach." Nick Greer will invite you into a shop in Central that sells memories, though there are never any customers. You will see empty chairs that remind you of what you are not, and visit a miraculous town where the people choose to take off their skins. You will witness a spirit board encouraging a babysitter to smoke, and meet "at least twelve assholes reading On the Road."

Don’t be one of those people reading On the Road. Read Salt Hill instead. You may still be an asshole (we won’t judge), but at least you’ll be more original and certainly in better company.

David Gustavsen, Abbey Numedahl, and Rachel Wakefield



Jeff Alessandrelli, Pilar Fraile Amador, Jessica Rae Bergamino, Monica Berlin, Caylin Capra-Thomas, J.L. Conrad, Lizzie Davis, Christopher DeWeese, Alex Greenberg, Ivy Grimes, Courtney Hartnett, Natalia Holtzman, Dana Inez, RE Katz, Peter LaBerge, Sophie Linden, Emily O'Neill, Nate Pritts, Philip Schaefer, Lisa Summe, Jacob Sunderlin, J.R. Toriseva, Amy Jo Trier-Walker, Chelsea Wagenaar, Felicia Zamora


Sara Batkie, Nick Greer


Robert S. Brunk, Jenny Offill, Hafeez Lakhani


Gina Hunt, Hans Op de Beeck

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